It’s Meet Our Models Monday!! Meet Mac!

Meet Mac!  Mac is the oldest son of our owner, Lisa McLean.  He has been in the catalog from Day 1!  It has been so much fun watching him grow up.  Mac is a great athlete and has become quite the soccer star!  Mac is so much fun to be around, he’s great with his baby brother and has the sweetest disposition!  We love having him in the office after school!  Let’s get to know Mac a little better…

Mac after winning a soccer tournament!

Favorite Book?

The Hunger Games have been passed around the office a lot!

Favorite TV show?

I love America’s Got Talent…especially because my mom’s friend in on there right now!

Lightwire Theater!!


Favorite piece from bliss fall 2012 collection and why?

The half zips.  They are so easy to wear to school!

Mac is wearing the red/white half zip!

Favorite part about modeling for bliss?

Hanging out with my friends…it’s a lot of work and can get pretty boring, so it’s nice when we can be there together to hang out between shots!

Mac hanging out with cousins and friends during the photo shoots!

Favorite Hobby?

Soccer and Basketball

Favorite Food?


Mac loves his french fries!

Favorite personal possession you own?

My turtle, Squirt!

and my Xbox!


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