It’s Meet our Models Monday!! Meet Daisy!

Daisy is our owner, Kelley Farish’s, 5th child(and Lisa’s god child!).  Daisy has grown up modeling for bliss and adds A LOT of fun to every photo shoot!  We love having her around because she’s great with the little kids and has enough energy for everyone at the shoot!  When Daisy isn’t busy modeling for bliss, she is an accomplished rider!  We’re so proud of Daisy and all of her accomplishments.  Let’s get to know this busy little lady…

  S121 blue pique 2

3 things you can’t live without:

-Horses, pets(daisy has a pig!), and family(1 of 8 kids!)




Favorite book (and movie):

-The Hunger Games (a fave among most people at bliss!)


Celeb crush:

-One Direction (we think it runs in the family…)one direction

Favorite part about modeling for Bliss:

-Having fun with all of the kids

Daisy and Katharine having fun in Boca!

Daisy and Katharine having fun in Boca!

Favorite quote:

phyllis diller

phyllis diller


Favorite hobby:


She's a pro!

She’s a pro!



Favorite TV Show:




Favorite vacation spot:

Boca Grande

We love Boca Grande!

We love Boca Grande!


Spring 2013 Staff Faves – Rouge

One color that is catching everyone’s eye in our Spring 2013 collection is our beautiful rouge. Many of our staff and customers have picked this as their favorite color of the season.  It is fun and bright and pops on any skin tone.  Several of our gorgeous dresses are available in rouge, including the Ellie Dress pictured below!  You can also find it in our pima stripes and knit solids!  Rouge is a great color for your little girl OR boy and a wonderful addition to any spring wardrobe!

Click here to see which items we offer in rouge!

Knit Half Zip Sweater (F630)Ellie Dress (S704) in rouge

It’s Meet our Models Monday. Meet Coco!!!

Coco is the 7th child of our company owner, Kelley.  She has been in the bliss catalogs since she could walk…

Coco has always been camera ready!!

Coco has always been camera ready!!

She fights for that cover shot like no other and takes modeling very seriously! And when we get a compliment on a design, we know it’s a winner! She is a true animal lover and loves to ride hunter/jumper ponies like her sisters!  Coco adds energy and fun to every photo shoot, we don’t know what we’d do without her!

Our cover girl!!

Our cover girl!!

Let’s learn a little more about Coco….

3 things you can’t live without:

My family, my flat iron(obviously) and my ponies

Favorite book:

Magic Pony


Favorite movie:

Pitch Perfect


Favorite piece from bliss Spring 2013 collection and why:

Red and white striped dress that I modeled in Boca Grande because I liked the way it fits!

Coco loved the Zoe dress!!

Coco loves the Zoe dress!!

What is your favorite subject in school and why:

Reading, because it’s cool!

Your celeb crush:

Harry Styles


Favorite part about modeling for bliss:

Smiling for the camera and trying to get the cover shot!!

Coco is working the camera!

Coco is working the camera!

Favorite hobby:

Riding horses

Favorite food:


Favorite TV show:

One Tree Hill


What is your favorite song or band?

One Direction


Favorite personal possession you own (piece of clothing, purse, jewelry, etc.):

My Naked eye shadow palette from urban decay

what first grader can't live without this??!

isn’t this every first graders favorite item??!

Favorite restaurant:

Local Taco

local taco

Favorite vacation spot:

Palm Beach, Florida

Meet our Models Monday!! Meet Beezie and Caroline!!

Beezie and Caroline were new additions to the Bliss catalog this Fall and we loved having them on the photo shoot!  The two sisters are full of energy and smiles all around!  The Barringer sister’s have always been huge fans of bella bliss and were thrilled to be a part of the Fall catalog shoot.  The girls were great to work with and we loved their sweet personalities!  Let’s get to know Beezie and Caroline better…

Beezie, Age 4


Caroline, age 2

What is your Favorite Movie?



The Little Mermaid

What is your favorite song/singer?

They are both loving “Call Me Maybe” and their fave singers are definitely The Wiggles!!

Some of the finest singers around! The Wiggles!

What was your favorite part of modeling for bliss?

They both loved seeing Ariel, Elmo and Dora (our entertainment for the kids).

Our very own Dora at the photo shoot!

Favorite Vacation Spot?

Exuma, The Bahamas

Three things you can’t live without?

Beezie: Diamond (her stuffed horse), princess dresses, Cheerios.

Caroline: “Buddy” (her lovie), Rice Krispies, and trips to Starbucks!

Favorite thing to do at school?

Beezie: She loves playing on the playground.

Caroline: She loves dropping Beezie off at school and going to Starbucks!!

this kid loves starbucks!

Favorite item in the bliss Fall 12 line?

Beezie: The Grace Dress!

Beezie in the Grace Dress

Caroline: The Berkley Overall

The Berkley Overall in Featherton Cord



Fall ’12 Concept to Closet

Fall has arrived at bella bliss and we are so excited to share it with you!  Our Fall 12 collection pairs some of our favorite bliss basics with new prints and updated styles we know you will love!  Lisa, our owner and designer, sat down with us to discuss the fall line.  She gives us an inside look of Fall ’12 from concept to closet.

bliss basics and new styles for fall 12

How long did it take you to design the fall line?

I start a full year in advance because the majority of our prints are custom.  The design/color process can take awhile to perfect each print.

Lisa working on the fall line.

Without giving away too many secrets, what’s the general process you go through to design a piece of clothing/put together a line?

I’m ALWAYS looking at clothes.  For myself, for my kids…it’s an obsession.  And, as a classic collection, my challenge is always to keep our line beautiful but interesting.  I usually start by looking at our existing patterns (our archives have hundred of patterns by now) and update them.  I love to look through my own childhood wardrobe and anything vintage for inspiration.  A lot of my pieces are honestly a combination of several favorite things…a neckline from one dress paired with a silhouette from another.  My favorite new boy piece for Spring ’13 was inspired by something I found from the 1800′s.  It was this complicated, fussy piece, but I loved the shape of it.  I sketched it as this simple little piece and it turned out amazing!

Lisa looking over the Fall 12 look book.

What are some of your favorite places to shop?

I am 100% an online shopper when I’m at home because I don’t have time to really shop in stores.  But, when I travel, I love to shop local boutiques…that’s where I find my favorite pieces.  I avoid Malls at all cost.  My favorite sites are Saks, Bergdorfs, JCrew,, Gilt and OneKingsLane.

What do you believe makes bliss clothing the top quality it is?

We never take the easy road…in fact, we make things harder on ourselves all the time.  If it’s not perfect, we reject it.

The Riley Overall took some time to perfect.

What do you like best about designing a children’s clothing line?

I like seeing an idea turn into an entire collection.  There is nothing better than getting those boxes of samples.  It’s a lot 0f work but I enjoy the creativity involved!  My brain never stops.

How has the whole process changed as the company has grown?

We started as just a sweater company.  I would sit at my kitchen counter and draw the designs that would be appliqued on each sweater with my little colored pencils.  When we added clothing, I used to have to measure everything, and I was so tied down to getting every pattern perfect.  It is so much easier now because we have so  many patterns under our belts.  Now, I am freed up to focus on creating more prints and more pieces…the line has grown so much it is unbelievable.

early bliss sweaters

Where did you get your inspiration from Fall ’12?

It always starts with the prints.  I always “overdesign”…I create more than we need in case something doesn’t work.  Once I got the berry and orange peony right, I knew which direction to go.  But a lot of my inspiration came from the fact that it’s so hard to find clothes for my own daughter in sizes 10-14.  I really pushed myself to create things that she would want to wear.  The Becca Skirt, Zoe Dress and the Brooke Dress were the first things I worked on.

Katharine (Lisa’s 13 year old) in the Becca Skirt with Bow in Orange Peony.

Daisy is in the Brooke Dress.

Katharine in the Zoe Dress

What are your favorite colors/prints to work with this fall?

Obviously navy and hot pink…we went a little crazy, but I still love it!!

Stormy looks adorable in our Straight Leg Pant in the Hot Pink with Navy ric rac and the navy vivi jacket! We can’t get enough of these colors!

What is your favorite piece in the line?

I can’t pick just one!  For Katharine, my 13 year old, I love the Becca Skirt with Bow.  For Mac, my 11 year old, it’s the essential Khaki (we worked so hard to get the fit just right)! And for Shep, my two year old, it’s the Riley Overall!

Another shot of Katharine in the Becca Skirt with Bow in the berry print!

Mac in the Essential Khaki…the perfect fit!

Shep in the Riley Overall!

During the entire process of Fall ’12, what has been your favorite part?

Seeing the finished catalog!  So many hours go into it, and so many people are involved…the feedback for this collection has been amazing and our team has done such an incredible job!

It’s Meet our Models Monday!! Meet Juliet!

Sweet Juliet!

Juliet was new to the bella bliss catalog this past spring and we loved every minute of working with her.  As a three year old she has a great head of hair(you should see her parents!), a contagious smile, a sweet disposition and a GREAT sense of style!  We’re hoping in about 20 years she’ll be working in the bella bliss offices! 🙂  Let’s get to know Juliet a little better:

Favorite Movie:

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

Favorite piece from bliss spring 2012 collection:

The scoop neck dress because it’s comfortable and playful!

Scoop Neck Dress!


Favorite part about modeling for bliss?

Getting to dress up in beautiful clothes!

Juliet in the Jackie Dress and sunhat in primrose.

What is on your ipod playlist?


Britney Spears


What a range!!

Favorite vacation spot:

Jackson Hole!

It’s Meet our Models Monday… Meet Connor!

Connor has been part of our bliss family of models for a few seasons now.  He is 4 years old and has been modeling at bliss since he was a newborn!  Connor is a nephew of Emily’s who works here and has been a wonderful addition to our group!  He has a sweet personality and love to show off his adorable smile at the shoots.  Let’s get to know a little more about Connor!

this was Connor at our Fall 2011 shoot

What is your favorite movie?

Right now Finding Nemo

What is your favorite piece from the bella bliss Spring 2012 collection?

The crab polo because it is tough, especially with the matching shorts!

Connor got to wear his favorite in our Spring 2012 shoot!

What is your favorite food?

yummy cinnamon rolls from Magee’s bakery!

What is your favorite hobby?

playing with cars!

your favorite part about the bliss shoots?

all of the snacks and getting to spend time with Aunt Mimi (Emily!)