Timeless Bliss : Appliqué Blanket

Born amid the rolling hills of thoroughbred country, this classic line of beautiful children’s wear is the product of two creative mothers. Pretty enough for holidays, enduring enough for the playground, and captivating enough to entice every child. Only one line of children’s clothing is 100% pure bliss- bella bliss.

One piece that exemplifies our love of all things “timeless”  is our  Appliqué Blanket (S010).  Our signature blankets are one the very first items we designed when we first launched bella bliss.  They are warm, soft and exquisitely made – with appliqué designs handmade by Peruvian artists. This blanket is perfect for wrapping around your newborn and, as your child grows, the blanket is made specifically so that it can be folded across a twin bed.  A perfect memory maker, this item will surely withstand the test of time.

Available in a variety of colors, this unique blanket will be a perfect gift for any child, and the best way to welcome a newborn into the world!

Applique Blanket (S010)

Applique Blanket (S010)