IT’S MEET OUR MODELS MONDAY! First up is our oldest, Katharine McLean!

Meet Katharine!  Katharine is the daughter of our owner and designer, Lisa McLean.  Katharine has been gracing the pages of the bella bliss catalogs since day one.  It has been so fun for us and our buyers to watch her grow up.   She can often be found running around the office after school and is always eager to lend a helping hand. Whether it be giving her “tween” input on future designs, trying on samples, or even helping our retail customers!   We are very lucky to have her! 🙂

What is your favorite book:

The Hunger Games series…I cannot wait for the movie!  The second book is my fave! (We are all a little obsessed The Hunger Games series here at bella bliss!)




What is your favorite piece from the Spring 2012 Collection:

Most definitely the Lauren dress!  It was inspired by my favorite dress that I wore for my 5th grade graduation.   It is so cute!





Okay Katharine, we have to know…who is your celeb crush:

Taylor Lautner!









What is your favorite part about modeling in the bella bliss catalogs?:

It is really fun because I am the oldest and I get to set an example for all of the younger kids and help them.  I love it!











What is your favorite quote?

“Even if you fall on your face you are still moving forward.” victor kiam
















Meet Caitlin Webster- mom to the cutest pup around!

Raleigh hard at work!

Oh- and a very important part of the bella bliss staff! 🙂  Caitlin has been with our team for three years.  She oversees every web order that is placed on!  (WOW)  Caitlin has also traveled to Memphis and Atlanta to assist with trade shows and markets.  The girl is always up for a challenge!  Here are a few fun facts about Miss Caitlin.

What was your favorite book from 2011:

The Hunger Games!  Shout out to my fabulous co-worker Tassie for forcing me to read it!


What is your favorite piece from the Spring 2012 collection?:

Hands down the Jackie Dress because it is classic and adorable.

Caitlin, what’s in your bag?:

Lip gloss, passport, car keys and an apple!

What is your favorite quote?:

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live a hundred minus one day, so I would never have to live a day without you” –Winnie the Pooh

Why do you love being a part of the bella bliss team?:

All of the wonderful people I have met.  They have become some of my best friends.