Meet our Models Monday!! Meet Beezie and Caroline!!

Beezie and Caroline were new additions to the Bliss catalog this Fall and we loved having them on the photo shoot!  The two sisters are full of energy and smiles all around!  The Barringer sister’s have always been huge fans of bella bliss and were thrilled to be a part of the Fall catalog shoot.  The girls were great to work with and we loved their sweet personalities!  Let’s get to know Beezie and Caroline better…

Beezie, Age 4


Caroline, age 2

What is your Favorite Movie?



The Little Mermaid

What is your favorite song/singer?

They are both loving “Call Me Maybe” and their fave singers are definitely The Wiggles!!

Some of the finest singers around! The Wiggles!

What was your favorite part of modeling for bliss?

They both loved seeing Ariel, Elmo and Dora (our entertainment for the kids).

Our very own Dora at the photo shoot!

Favorite Vacation Spot?

Exuma, The Bahamas

Three things you can’t live without?

Beezie: Diamond (her stuffed horse), princess dresses, Cheerios.

Caroline: “Buddy” (her lovie), Rice Krispies, and trips to Starbucks!

Favorite thing to do at school?

Beezie: She loves playing on the playground.

Caroline: She loves dropping Beezie off at school and going to Starbucks!!

this kid loves starbucks!

Favorite item in the bliss Fall 12 line?

Beezie: The Grace Dress!

Beezie in the Grace Dress

Caroline: The Berkley Overall

The Berkley Overall in Featherton Cord




Staff Favorites!! Sarah’s picks for Fall!

What is your favorite pick for girl?

I love the Vivi Jacket! It is so feminine, classic and has a truly flattering fit.  I could use a jacket like this in my wardrobe!

Emma (Sarah’s daughter) is wearing the Vivi Jacket with the Button Skirt and the Chloe Blouse in Featherston.

The Vivi Jacket comes in Chocolate, Hot Pink, Navy and Red!

What is your favorite pick for boy?

The Rugby shirt!  It is perfect for back to school and a great weight for those cooler fall days with a jacket.  I love this shirt with our twill cargo pant.  My little boy will have one in every color!

The Rugby Shirt come in Navy/Grey, Red/White, and Periblue/White

What is your favorite item for baby?

The Pique overalls with the baby boatneck tee.  The perfect play basic for boy or girl and looks great personalized with a monogram.

Andrew is wearing the Pique Overalls in navy with the Baby Boatneck Tee in navy and white stripe.

What can’t you live without from the fall collection?

The Boatneck Tee in every color! Made of our super soft pima, these tees in our updated stripes and solids go with all of our cord separates for girls or their own jeans.  It is one of the most versatile pieces in the line.

Emma in the Boatneck tee in the aqua/white stripe and the Becca Skirt with Bow in red.

The Boatneck Tee comes in navy, red and aqua stripe.

It also comes in solids in Melon, White and Hot Pink.

It’s Meet our Models Monday, Meet Liam!!

Liam began modeling for bella bliss when he was just 8 weeks old!  His first shoot was in January of 2010,  and he has loved doing them ever since.  Liam’s big sister is our model Emma who we got to know earlier this year, now let’s get to know Liam!

Liam’s first photo shoot, January 2010!

Liam’s favorite movie:

Liam loves the movie “Cars” and enjoys playing Cars all the time. Mater is his favorite character.

Favorite piece from the Fall 2012 collection:

Liam loves all dogs and was so excited to get to wear the puppy sweater in a photo shoot!

Favorite part about modeling for bella bliss?

The best part about modeling for Liam is that he gets to have big sister Emma around and spend some time with Mommy, Sarah, at work. All the playing with other kids and snacks doesn’t hurt either!

Favorite food?

Liam’s favorite snack is gogurt! in every flavor!

Favorite personal possession:

Liam can’t go anywhere without his stuffed hippo lovey from pottery barn kids, it’s his best buddy!

and finally, what is Liam’s favorite restaurant?

He loves the honey chicken and rice at PF Changs, his favorite restaurant hands down!

It’s Meet Our Models Monday!! Meet Mac!

Meet Mac!  Mac is the oldest son of our owner, Lisa McLean.  He has been in the catalog from Day 1!  It has been so much fun watching him grow up.  Mac is a great athlete and has become quite the soccer star!  Mac is so much fun to be around, he’s great with his baby brother and has the sweetest disposition!  We love having him in the office after school!  Let’s get to know Mac a little better…

Mac after winning a soccer tournament!

Favorite Book?

The Hunger Games have been passed around the office a lot!

Favorite TV show?

I love America’s Got Talent…especially because my mom’s friend in on there right now!

Lightwire Theater!!


Favorite piece from bliss fall 2012 collection and why?

The half zips.  They are so easy to wear to school!

Mac is wearing the red/white half zip!

Favorite part about modeling for bliss?

Hanging out with my friends…it’s a lot of work and can get pretty boring, so it’s nice when we can be there together to hang out between shots!

Mac hanging out with cousins and friends during the photo shoots!

Favorite Hobby?

Soccer and Basketball

Favorite Food?


Mac loves his french fries!

Favorite personal possession you own?

My turtle, Squirt!

and my Xbox!

Fall ’12 Concept to Closet

Fall has arrived at bella bliss and we are so excited to share it with you!  Our Fall 12 collection pairs some of our favorite bliss basics with new prints and updated styles we know you will love!  Lisa, our owner and designer, sat down with us to discuss the fall line.  She gives us an inside look of Fall ’12 from concept to closet.

bliss basics and new styles for fall 12

How long did it take you to design the fall line?

I start a full year in advance because the majority of our prints are custom.  The design/color process can take awhile to perfect each print.

Lisa working on the fall line.

Without giving away too many secrets, what’s the general process you go through to design a piece of clothing/put together a line?

I’m ALWAYS looking at clothes.  For myself, for my kids…it’s an obsession.  And, as a classic collection, my challenge is always to keep our line beautiful but interesting.  I usually start by looking at our existing patterns (our archives have hundred of patterns by now) and update them.  I love to look through my own childhood wardrobe and anything vintage for inspiration.  A lot of my pieces are honestly a combination of several favorite things…a neckline from one dress paired with a silhouette from another.  My favorite new boy piece for Spring ’13 was inspired by something I found from the 1800′s.  It was this complicated, fussy piece, but I loved the shape of it.  I sketched it as this simple little piece and it turned out amazing!

Lisa looking over the Fall 12 look book.

What are some of your favorite places to shop?

I am 100% an online shopper when I’m at home because I don’t have time to really shop in stores.  But, when I travel, I love to shop local boutiques…that’s where I find my favorite pieces.  I avoid Malls at all cost.  My favorite sites are Saks, Bergdorfs, JCrew,, Gilt and OneKingsLane.

What do you believe makes bliss clothing the top quality it is?

We never take the easy road…in fact, we make things harder on ourselves all the time.  If it’s not perfect, we reject it.

The Riley Overall took some time to perfect.

What do you like best about designing a children’s clothing line?

I like seeing an idea turn into an entire collection.  There is nothing better than getting those boxes of samples.  It’s a lot 0f work but I enjoy the creativity involved!  My brain never stops.

How has the whole process changed as the company has grown?

We started as just a sweater company.  I would sit at my kitchen counter and draw the designs that would be appliqued on each sweater with my little colored pencils.  When we added clothing, I used to have to measure everything, and I was so tied down to getting every pattern perfect.  It is so much easier now because we have so  many patterns under our belts.  Now, I am freed up to focus on creating more prints and more pieces…the line has grown so much it is unbelievable.

early bliss sweaters

Where did you get your inspiration from Fall ’12?

It always starts with the prints.  I always “overdesign”…I create more than we need in case something doesn’t work.  Once I got the berry and orange peony right, I knew which direction to go.  But a lot of my inspiration came from the fact that it’s so hard to find clothes for my own daughter in sizes 10-14.  I really pushed myself to create things that she would want to wear.  The Becca Skirt, Zoe Dress and the Brooke Dress were the first things I worked on.

Katharine (Lisa’s 13 year old) in the Becca Skirt with Bow in Orange Peony.

Daisy is in the Brooke Dress.

Katharine in the Zoe Dress

What are your favorite colors/prints to work with this fall?

Obviously navy and hot pink…we went a little crazy, but I still love it!!

Stormy looks adorable in our Straight Leg Pant in the Hot Pink with Navy ric rac and the navy vivi jacket! We can’t get enough of these colors!

What is your favorite piece in the line?

I can’t pick just one!  For Katharine, my 13 year old, I love the Becca Skirt with Bow.  For Mac, my 11 year old, it’s the essential Khaki (we worked so hard to get the fit just right)! And for Shep, my two year old, it’s the Riley Overall!

Another shot of Katharine in the Becca Skirt with Bow in the berry print!

Mac in the Essential Khaki…the perfect fit!

Shep in the Riley Overall!

During the entire process of Fall ’12, what has been your favorite part?

Seeing the finished catalog!  So many hours go into it, and so many people are involved…the feedback for this collection has been amazing and our team has done such an incredible job!

It’s Meet our Models Monday!! Meet Lilly!

Lilly won the award for traveling the farthest to model for bliss(all the way from New Jersey)!  She is the niece of our owner, Lisa McLean, and was such a cutie at the photo shoots!  Lilly had a great time spending time with her cousins and aunt and was a great addition to our fall catalog.  We loved having her with us and hope she’ll make the trip to Kentucky to be in more of our shoots!  Let’s get to know Lilly a little better….

Lilly is wearing our button back dress, peter pan tee, and our applique candy sweater.

Favorite piece from bliss fall 2012 collection and why?
Hmmmmm, there are so many to love.  I love the Berkley overalls, the sweaters and the dresses!

Lilly is in the Berkley overall in Featherston Cord and the peter pan tee!


Your celeb crush?

Definitely Caillou.  Maybe Elmo,  Not sure if that’s okay, though.  What is that red fur made out of?

how cute is Caillou?

But Elmo’s a cutie too!


Favorite part about modeling for bliss?

Being the center of attention.  Smiling.  Wearing pretty clothes.

Lilly is working the camera in the new Riley Overall in hot pink and the boatneck tee!


Favorite Hobby?

Anything that has to do with a ball- throwing it, kicking it, chasing it.

Favorite restaurant?

IHOP or Waffle House – yummie carbs, eggs and bacon!


Two great choices!!

What is on  your (ipod) playlist?

I don’t have one, but I like the Stones on my papi’s iPod.  I also love salsa (Latin music) – it makes me shake my bootie.

bliss model to salsa dancer…